VR 3D Holographic Sex

A teen and a MILF are all too real in this virtual reality 3D holographic sex movie from Naughty America VR



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Holographic Home Display on Kickstarter

You want to watch 3D holographic porn at home, on a portable display you can carry about with you? ¬†Then consider contributing to an exciting new Kickstarter campaign which promises to deliver portable displays capable of producing real three dimensional holograms…and we know what people will want to use these for ūüėČ ¬†‘Holographic Optical Technologies’ are already leaders in producing holographic displays for the medical market, so this seems like a genuine path to holographic porn.


The Kickstarter campaign will launch on April 20th :




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3D Holographic Phones to Arrive in 2016

Real 3D holographic phones could be on the market by 2016 according to the tech company Ostendo.  The American company, which recieves millions of dollars in funding from the American military as well as private financiers, has announced a breakthrough in chip technology which will allow smartphones, as well as tablets, tvs and other screens to project 3D holograms into thin air.


The chips cost only $30 so should not even add to the cost of a smartphone.¬† It is not known whether any porn companies have started shooting holographic porn yet, but lytro ‘light field’ cameras are alleged to already be able to film scenes with enough light data capture to playback holographic movies when holo devices become available.

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Holographic Porn Closer with MIT Breakthrough

Holographic babes in your bedroom, stripping off, masturbating, and fucking right in front of your eyes just got closer to reality.¬† Boffins in America have created the world’s fastest moving holographic video system, refreshing itself at 15 frames per second – not far away from the 30 -60 frames used by television and cinema.¬† This is a different team from the University of Arizona researchers who made a similar breakthrough late last year (their system refreshes once every 2 seconds, but the image quality does appear to be superior).

But what’s perhaps most exciting about this latest holographic TV breakthrough is that the researchers recorded their holographic image using only a single Kinect 3D depth camera – making possible not only holographic porn, but easy to record home holographic porn and live holographic sex!

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Apple Patents ‘Pseudo-Holographic’ 3D Technology

Apple are set to solve the glasses free 3D conundrum, as well as possibly rendering ‘real’ 3D holographic projection systems irrelevant.¬†At least judging¬†from a recent patent that they were awarded. The technology makes use of eye tracking software that allows the screen to adapt to the position of the viewer and alter the image accordingly to retain a 3D image. What is most exciting about this is that the resulting effect is being talked of as a ‘holographic’ image. In fact, it would be a ‘psuedo’ holographic image, but the effect would be the same – the viewer would feel as though he were moving around a 3D object in front of him, when changing position. According to reports earlier last year, Sony are also working on a similar kind of 3D pseudo holographic technology. What all this means is two things. Firstly, holographic porn and holographic tv could arrive much sooner than anticipated – perhaps as early as within the next 2 years. Secondly, although technically these would not be real holograms, the appearance would be identical. This begs the question as to whether this tech could leave ‘real’ 3D holographic tech largely irrelevant?

I’m just excited that some kind of 3D Holographic Porn is going here much sooner than expected. So don’t forget to bookmark this page, and in the meantime, put on your anaglyph red/cyan glasses and check out the 3D babe below (just imagine when you see here as a hologram!).

3D Porn Beauty

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IBM Predicts 3D Holographic Porn Within 5 Years!

IBM claim that not only will holograms in the home be a reality within just 5 years, but even smartphones will be able to project 3D holograms enabling live holographic chat (and porn).

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Japan Loses Bid to Stage Holographic World Cup

Japan has lost its bid to stage the 2022 world cup, despite promising that if victorious it would beam live 3D holographic broadcasts around the world, allowing millions of spectators to watch each game at their local stadiums.

The news represents a blow for holographic porn, as Japan would surely have pumped millions in to the technology to ensure it was ready for 2022. However, the Japanese wouldn’t have dared make such promises unless they knew that 3D holographic tv really is likely just around the corner. 3D Holographic porn is still likely to happen within a decade. It’s also opened the eyes to many people world-wide as to just how close we are to such things.

The video below (2:00 mark) allows us to gain a glimpse of what holographic tv in the home will look like – just use your imagination to substitute the footballers with a sexy porn scene :

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Sony to Launch Holographic Games?

A senior figure at Sony hinted in an interview last week that ‘holographic technology’ would be coming to the PlayStation 3. That’s basically all he said, so in all honesty, it could mean anything. What is known, however, is that the company has already produced a 3D Volumetric Display device with the obvious application being for games (and porn, hehe). Could this be soon be launched on to the market as a plug in to the playstation? The ‘Volumetric Display’, although giving 360 degree glasses free 3D is not a true hologram, but as the term is bandied around so freely, it’s not easy to determine what the Sony Person has in mind.

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Homemade Holographic Porn with the Kinect

A hacker has created stunning 3D images of himself by programming the new Kinect motion sensing gaming system.¬† It would only require one more camera (to capture the back view) to create fully 360 degree images.¬† When¬†holographic tvs¬†are here (probably 5 – 10 years) such ‘depth mapping’ technology will mean that home holographic recording should be an easy an inexpensive matter. Think¬†– HOMEMADE HOLOGRAPHIC PORN in only 5 years time!!!!

Read more at : Hacked Kinect Allows for Homemade Holograms

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The Future of 3D Holographic Porn

Men have been dreaming of the day that 3D holographic porn arrives for many decades now.¬† Perhaps this dream began in 1977 with the sight of a young and beautiful Princess Leia appearing in holographic form to Luke Skywalker.¬† Of course, for the slightly older cinema goer watching Star Wars in that year, it didn’t take a lot of imagination to consider how good that would be if the beautiful princess was naked.¬† And to think that soon, we might all have such a damsel to resue in our own homes…

But, unfortunately, progress in holographic technology has been very, very slow.  In fact, it had been said quite recently that the technology had barely progressed since its invention 50 years ago.  However, there has been quite startling progress during the last couple of years, and the reality is, 3D Holographic Porn will be available to the masses within the next decade.

And you will see it first here.

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